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Heidi Petrelli

Unsung Hero

Heidi Petrelli - Unsung Hero
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Heidi Petrelli - Unsung Hero

Welcome! :) This is a community dedicated to Heidi Petrelli, a character on the NBC show Heroes. Wife of Nathan, Peter’s sister-in-law, Monty & Simon’s mother, she’s terribly well connected too bad she’s in the dark about everything;)


1.Since this is a Heidi Petrelli community, all posts should be related to Heidi. If the post isn't related to her, it will be deleted. That being said, all pairings, ratings, and genres of fic including Heidi are allowed. Also icons, vids, episode discussion, pictures, and anything else you want to contribute.

2. No Heidi bashing. This is a community for fans of the character. If you don't like her, then take your thoughts elsewhere.

3. Mark any and all potential spoilers very clearly, especially when dealing with upcoming episodes that haven't aired yet.

4. Be considerate. When posting more then three or four icons, large graphics, spoilers, long discussions, and/or fanfiction, please place it under a LJ-cut.

5. Play nicely with others. Flaming is NOT tolerated. We all have our own opinions, please respect that. You will be warned only once for failure to comply with this rule. If you continue to be rude, then you will be banned.

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